It’s no secret that I’m a little {read: a LOT} emotional about some things {read: EVERYTHING} during these transitional days. So I shouldn’t really be surprised by the tears I found myself shedding this evening, but somehow I just didn’t expect to be feeling weepy about how grown up my twin-ten-years-apart suddenly is. And it’s […]

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A Great Day to Graduate

“Today’s the day! The sun is shining! The tank is clean! And we… are getting out of here.” I had five or more ideas for graduation blog posts I wanted to write. And while they’re all true and good and need to be written, this morning I will not tackle them all. I’ll just tackle […]

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Let an Artist Drown You

I love words. A lot. And I typically find them to be a faithful friend and a sufficient medium of expression. But this is one of those rare occasions where they just aren’t enough to thank or to describe or to emote. This is a story of girl meets band. When I texted my kindred […]

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Savior’s Eulogy

Jesus… saw people. We’re gathered here today in this home to honor the memory of the man who meant so much to all of us. And I look around this room and… well, we just don’t get it. Why or how or… it just doesn’t make sense. I stand here with all of you, who […]

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Idolizing the Yes

“Lord? Just… just please say yes. Let this role be your ‘yes.’” For weeks and weeks, I prayed this. In a lot of ways, for years I prayed for the sort of yes I’ve now gotten, one that enables me to do the work I’ve been studying to do at the company that tells stories better than […]

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