Idolizing the Yes: Part 2

A little less than a year ago, I wrote about yes. The post-grad yes I had been so anxiously waiting and hoping for that had come in the form of an internship offer from Disney. The yes that taught me that peace and hope are non-circumstantial things; and that my heart will always have questions and […]

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Christmas Eve {has found} me

I’ve had my fair share of White Christmases. Cincinnati is good for those. Most of my loved ones are getting one this year, too. This my second Christmas in Florida, my second Mele Kalikimaka green and bright, only the second time that I won’t see my 3 favorite humans on the day when everyone huddles […]

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I’ve had the privilege of working two different six-month stints at a place that sets off at least 3 sets of firework shows every night. By my calculations, I probably watched around 80 rounds of the things last fall alone. I’m about to come to the end of the second of those two stints. And […]

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Stranger Things and Mental Health: Tales from the Not-Okay

**DISCLAIMER: These reflections are from a Stranger Things Season 1-only perspective.** I loved Stranger Things. It was just creepy enough to keep me engaged without terrifying me beyond belief. The characters were charming. The 80s references were on point. And the overall aesthetic made possible some kick-butt Halloween decorations. But here’s something I’ve come to […]

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On Fear

Never been one much for scary movies or haunted houses–I live in a city bursting with theme parks offering Halloween experiences ranging from Not-so-Scary to straight-up-horror and I tend to just not feel the need. (With one exception. A few Halloweens ago, my college best friend and I began a tradition of watching “The Babadook,” […]

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